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Samuelson Timberframe DesignSamuelson Timberframe DesignSamuelson Timberframe DesignSamuelson Timberframe DesignSamuelson Timberframe DesignSamuelson Timberframe Design


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Samuelson Timberframe Design Inc. is a design studio committed to providing innovative custom timber frame design which suits the clients unique aspirations and takes advantage of the natural features of the building site. The design phase can include the exciting ability to freely navigate a 3D model of the home with walk-throughs and fly-arounds, simplifying the otherwise rather complex task of perceiving in three dimension. The model is also placed within an image of the building site, which is very useful in seeing how the home will look prior to actual construction. Through the design process any number of images and perspective views, of both the interior and exterior of the home, can be produced to help in better understanding the shape and form. This is a feature that clients have really appreciated and have communicated as definitely a cost saving benefit to avoid changes during the construction phase. Upon completion of the design phase, working drawings are produced which include information as required for building permit application, the general contractor, and drawings for timberframe production.


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Don Samuelson is president of Samuelson Timberframe Design Inc. and provides custom timberframe design services, 3D illustrations & animations, and complete construction drawings for clients, timberframers, and general contractors. He works closely with several different timberframe companies, general contractors, and engineers to give you the whole package including: design development, working drawings (commonly referred to as blueprints), and also construction administration. He has over thirty years experience in architectural design & technology and first started designing timberframe homes in 1993 when he lived in the Kootenays of south eastern British Columbia. He has also worked "hands-on" in construction industry, so he knows the requirements of the actual construction side of the building process. Don utilizes the latest in computer aided design software and runs a number of graphics programs to create documentation for effective communication with the client, general contractor, and the timberframe company. Location of your project is not a problem, as he works with a number of timberframe companies who build throughout Canada, and the USA including Alaska and Hawaii. For an updated list of our current and recent projects, take a look at our "Portfolio" section!

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